Farmhouse in Salento

Farmhouse with pool in Salento

The farmhouse has 16 lodgings divided into 11 flats with a kitchenette and 5 double bedrooms. Borgo Sentinella is a vintage tourist hotel facility surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, groves of reeds, carob trees and pomegranates sloping down to the nearby Adriatic Sea, and still preserving its peculiarity unchanged, thus making it unique and suggestive.
Travelling through the roads of Apulia, it is easy to come across large farmhouses appearing through the tops of centuries-old olive trees or among the vineyards: these are the ancient Apulian masserie. Buildings intended for the most varied agricultural uses, existing since Romans time, developed under the Langobards and subsequently affirmed as private entrepreneurial activities around the seventeenth century. Several restorations over the centuries have characterized each of them, thus making each farmhouse a unique and unrepeatable example of our agricultural landscape.